Aviario: The Archivists

02-5. The New Haven Errand

In which Nick and Shandra retrieve some stuff and bond.

Owen sends Shandra and Nick to a thrift shop in New Haven to pick up a box of items for him. They have a mini road-trip back to Shandra’s old stomping grounds, and she talks to him a little about her concerns in the wake of everything that happened in New Orleans. A very talkative, bubbly shopkeeper hands over the box, which contained the following items in Owen’s Inventory:

  • A metal lantern
  • A glass decanter
  • A Hummel figurine
  • An old coffee tin
  • A cigar box
  • One cufflink
  • An old metal butter mold
  • A nine-iron golf club
  • A small, decorative Newfoundland flag
  • A silver letter opener & fountain pen from a desk set
  • A large, black-and-white rubber superball
  • Several old books
  • A roller skate c. 1967
  • A lace scarf, coffee-stained
  • A spoon bracelet
  • A very ridiculous-looking felt hat in garish colors



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