Aviario: The Archivists

An Edict From Your GM

No, Really, Gang: Read This

Hi all,
This is your friendly GM speaking.
Please add your characters’ stats & sheet contents to a brand spanking new character page, in the manner that Bonnie has done for Luce. This will help me make game an actual challenge for you all and keep you from plowing through plot like some people (ahem ahem Laurel and Krista ahem).

Also, we will be doing an in-game debrief at the start of next session to refresh everyone’s memories. I am shooting for Sunday the 24th, time TBD.

Also wik: Niki, please message me about lion things.
Also also wik: Mike. please message me about snake things.

The more you carve out five minutes of time to do these little things. the more fun I can make game. Win win.

That is all. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go separate Owen and the toaster again. Oil and water, these two …



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