The Spanner

Profession: Enforcer 1st Class
Birthplace: Essex, UK
Male Age: 200+ Anima: Weasel
Height: 5’7" Weight: 213 lbs
Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue/Green
Luck: 3 EXP: - Bennies: -
Income: Moderate
STR Good
DEX Good
CON Good
INT Fair
PER Good
Skill List
Skill Name Level
Brawl Great
Weapon (Knife) Great
Stealth Superb
Demolitions Good
Drive Great
Escape Artist Fair
Knowledge (Weapons) Superb
Gather Info Good
Interrogate Great
Intimidate Good
Larceny Good
Grounding Good
Occult Knowledge Great
Ritual Good
Street Smarts Superb
Gifts Faults
Anima: Weasel (+1 PER) Blunt & Tactless
Sucker Punch Violent When Enraged
Chief Element: Earth
Mineral Manipulation
Fault Conversion
Swank Red Convertible
Black Harley
Cigarettes & Lighter
Cell Phone
Combat Inventory
Weapon Strength Armor Modifier
Switchblade +1 (N/A) (N/A)
Artifacts On Hand
Description Location Found Effect (If Any)
Miniature Switchblade Worn (with Dog Tags) DEX +1

You either love Crowley, or you hate him. Most people hate him…though some grudgingly tolerate him because they’ve come to understand the role he plays. If the balance is tipped a little too favorably, he’s one of the ones Janus sends to straighten it out.

Crowley recruited Nick in 1980, while running an indoor graffiti gallery in London, and harboring a young punk refugee from war-torn Ireland. Since then, he’s been gleefully pushing Nick’s buttons. … and everyone else’s. He’s been known to disappear from Aviario for long stretches on missions for Janus, but no one ever seems to mention what they are, or why. Most people just assume it’s better that they didn’t know what he’s up to … lest they decide they want to try to stop him.

Crowley’s favorite look right now is “punk rocker, mid-midlife crisis”. He has neon blue and green streaks in his blonde hair, and is constantly chipping traffic-cone orange polish off his fingernails. He smokes like a chimney and favors a battered denim vest, which is covered in patches and pins with part of a Union Jack sewed on the back.


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