The Bossman

Profession: Organization Leader
Birthplace: Romania
Gender: M Age: Unknown Anima: Raven
Height: 5’ Weight: Janus-ish
Hair: Brown Eyes: Grey
Luck: 5 EXP: - Bennies: -
Income: Inexhaustible
STR Fair
DEX Good
CON Fair
INT Superb
PER Superb
WILL Superb
Skill List
Skill Name Level
Area Knowledge (Aviario) Great
Balance Great
Bluff Superb
Charismatic Superb
Craft (Talisman) Great
Write Good
Decipher Script Good
Hypnosis Great
Interrogate Great
Intimidate Great
Knowledge (Alchemy) Great
Martial Arts Great
Occult Knowledge Legendary
Perform (Violin) Good
Ritual Legendary
Sense Motive Superb
Weapon (Staff) Great
Gifts Faults
Anima: Raven Code of Behavior
Unflappable (see what I did there) Obligation (Organization)
Chief Element: Spirit
Ground Other
Share Visions
Aura Burst
Permutation (Requires Extensive Ritual)
Combat Inventory
Weapon Strength Armor Modifier
Staff +2 (N/A) (N/A)
Artifacts On Hand
Description Location Found Effect (If Any)
This can change subject to the GM’s discretion.

People’s first impression of Janus is always the same: “Wow, this guy is short” … just below 5 feet, to be exact. He carries himself with a quiet confidence that commands respect, all the same, and generally dresses in loose, comfortable clothing. He favors African, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese styles, in particular.

While some are intimidated by the fact that Janus is The Big Boss Birdman, he likes to be on friendly terms with his fellow members, and always attempts to get to know them. He is a wonderful man to have in your corner … and a terrible man to have as an opponent.

What most people know about Janus is simple: he was born during the heyday of the Renaissance, in a family of traveling gypsies. He takes pride in his heritage, and will gladly talk about it and the rest of his history to anyone willing to sit down and listen over a cup of tea. Often, the pieces of his past that he shares are relevant to something that is going on, so that it becomes a teachable moment and not just time spent rambling …


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