Lucille Virginia Sterling

The Runaway

Profession: Wanderer
Birthplace: Caretta, WV
Female Age: 19
Height: 5’5" Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Dirty Blonde Eyes: Hazel
Luck: # EXP: 9 Bennies: 7
Income: V. Low
STR Good
DEX Good
CON Mediocre
INT Fair
PER Good
WILL Great
Skill List
Skill Name Level
Engineering (Auto) Fair
Climb Great
Jump Good
Balance: Great
Larceny Great
Escape Artist Fair
Hide Trace: Great
Drive Mediocre (+1 offroad)
Wilderness First Aid Good
Track Fair
Stealth Fair
Religion (Christianity/Catholicism) Good
Nature Lore Good
Weapon (Gun Rifle/Handgun) Great/Good
Weapon (Knife) Fair
Swim Poor
Sleight of Hand Good
Bluff Good
Shadow Good
Hardcore Parkour Fair
Gifts Faults
Danger Sense Impulsive
Rapid Reload Cursed (Superstitious)
Quick Reflexes Code of Conduct
- Hunted (Runaway)
Chief Element: Air
Protective Bubble
Army Surplus Backpack (contents in bio)
Canary keychain w/ key to “Old Myrtle”
Fake New York ID: Emily Archer, 21
Silver cross necklace
Cross necklace from St. Emma monastery
Cross necklace from a Chicago pawn shop
Buddhist mala beads (as bracelet)
Chicago Cubs baseball hat
Combat Inventory
Weapon Strength Armor Modifier
Hunting Knife +1 - -

Note: Lucy must actively equip her knife from her backpack to use it.

Artifacts On Hand
Description Location Found Effect (If Any)
Silver men’s wristwatch Las Vegas, NV +2 DEF
Ace of Diamonds playing card Las Vegas, NV Untested

Lucy’s Code of Conduct:
1. Takes the concept of “Eye for an Eye” a little too seriously. Has the firm belief that every negative action has an equal karmic reaction and sometimes you need to be the force of karma.
2. Will do ANYTHING for those she considers family. There is no line she will not cross.
3. Her petty crimes should only be committed on those who deserve it (mean or abusive people, etc).
4. Each crime needs a redemption. (I.E: for each theft she commits, something should be given, even if it is giving a sandwich to a homeless person or volunteering time in a soup kitchen.) She can go guilt-free for up to two weeks after each crime before it starts to eat at her. The more severe the crime, the more involved the redemption.
5. Signs of the divine exist and should be heeded. Sometimes God calls you to right a wrong, or to bring a light to the darkness, and sometimes, to act as His avenging angel. Angels never were all sunshine.
6. One should live simply, only taking what they need and keeping what they cannot live without.

Contents of Lucy’s Backpack

  • Hunting knife w/thigh sheath
  • Old miner’s compass
  • Family Bible (Large leather bound Bible with a stylized family tree inside the front cover going back seven generations. The Bible is worn with notations in the corners and margins of the page with a multitude of ribbons, prayer cards, the hostel brochure, and scraps of paper marking pages)
  • Rosewood box w/cross on it (Filled with misc religious paraphernalia collected on the road)
  • Mini mag flashlight
  • Personal First Aid kit (half dozen bandaids, some alchohol swaps, q-tips, neosporin, small advil bottle, gauze strip, medical tape, ace bandage)
  • Lockpick kit
  • Stamps (Postcard stamps 1/2 used book)
  • Deck of cards
  • Hostel brochure
  • Road maps with extensive personal notations
  • Dice rosary
  • 2 magazines for an AK47

Lucille Virginia Sterling

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