Lucille Virginia Sterling


Profession: None
Birthplace :Caretta, WV
Female Age 19
Anima: None (yet)
Hair: Dirty Blond Eyes: Hazel Height: 5’5" Weight: 120 pounds
Luck: 0 EXP: 9 Bennies: 7

STR Good
DEX Good
CON Mediocre
INT Fair
PER Good
WILL Great

Skill List
Engineering (Auto) : Fair
Climb : Great
Jump : Good
Balance: Great
Larceny: Great
Escape Artist: Fair
Hide Trace: Great
Drive: Mediocre (+1 offroad)
Wilderness First Aid: Good
Track: Fair
Stealth: Fair
Religion (Christian/Catholic): Good
Nature Lore: Good
Weapon (Gun Rifle/Handgun): Great
Weapon (Knife) Fair
Swim: Poor
Sleight of Hand: Good
Bluff: Good
Shadow: Good

Danger Sense
Rapid Reload
Quick Reflexes

Cursed (superstitious)
Code of Conduct

Air Manipulation

Army Surplus Backpack
Hunting knife w/thigh sheath (in backpack not worn)
Old Miner’s compass
Family Bible (Large leather bound Bible with a stylized family tree inside the front cover going back seven generations. The Bible is worn with notations in the corners and margins of the page with a multitude of ribbons, prayer cards, the hostel brochure, and scraps of paper marking pages)
Rosewood Box w/cross on it (Filled with misc religious paraphernalia collected on the road)
Silver Cross Necklace (worn)
Canary Keychain with a key to Old Myrtle on it
Mini mag flashlight
Personal First Aid kit (half dozen bandaids, some alchohol swaps, q-tips, neosporin, small advil bottle, gauze strip, medical tape, ace bandage)
Fake ID (21 yo Emily Archer, New York state ID good fake with her true photo on it)
Lockpick kit
Stamps (Postcard stamps 1/2 used book)
Deck of cards
Hostel Brochure (Hello Ethan!)
Road Maps (Gm has list)
Cross necklace from St. Emma Monastery (worn)
Cross necklace from pawn shop in Chicago (worn)
Wooden Buddist prayer beads (worn as bracelet)
Cubs baseball hat
Alyx’s business card w/cell phone #
Dice Rosary
Ace of Diamonds Card
2 magazines for an AK47
Wristwatch +2 defense


Lucille Virginia Sterling

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