Aviario: The Archivists

05. There's An S In It

The S stands for SHIT, ALYX, WHAT DID YOU DO

June 23rd-24th, 2012

The game begins with the team’s debriefing to Janus via Skype. Luce decides to trust him after he reveals that he knows Ethan, her kind benefactor from her sojourn in New York City. Alyx name-drops Dr. Sayegh, and tells the team the results of their shakedown with Hali’id the night before. They also mention Globalight and Project Sunex, along with three names: Gabriel Noonan, Darren Walker, and Vivian DeVeldt. The last two names cause Shandra and Nick to respectively flip the fuck out. Nick confronts Hali’id about the Illuminati, to which Hali’id has a wonderful response: Oh, look at my phone. Homina homina phone stuff homina. Nick storms out, and Shandra follows him to give him the spool of grounding. Once he’s calmed down, he returns and tells Alyx about their discovery of the Preston trunk. Alyx and Luce make the connection that the Illuminati may be a splinter faction of the Organization, before the team splits to rest for the evening.

That night, Shandra has a nightmare of being surrounded by hordes of tiny Heartless (of Kingdom Hearts fame), and is nearly engulfed by them. Just before they overtake her, she is saved by a tiny, literal firefox: the subconscious personification of her anima. In the peace that follows, Darren walks into her dream and tells her he has severed his ties with the Illuminati, and wants to help them. He obtains her phone number, but not her trust. Meanwhile, Hali’id dreams that he lost control of his anima and slaughtered the rest of the party in their beds. His reaction wakes Alyx, who decides to go on a coffee run.

While retrieving beverages, Alyx gets a call from Dick. He tells Alyx that en route to Acapulco with their new loot, the three thugs received irate calls from Gabe, telling them that they needed to be ready for Phase 2: a raid of the Nevada branch of the Department of Defense. Shandra does some quick “sonofabitch” reaction hacking and discovers that Gabe’s bail was paid by Globalight. The gang calls Janus, who asks if they can handle stopping her. Alyx says that they can, so long as plausible deniability holds. Janus refers them to Air Force Col. Bob Ogden, and the operation begins.

Bob sets them up with a cover as air system inspectors, with Shandra and Luce under the guise of interns. They split up to try and find Gabe – Nick with Luce, Alyx and Shandra with Hali’id. Nick and Luce investigate the storage facility while Team Minority hacks some security cards and finds a development lab, where Gabe is in the process of stealing a chemical specimen titled X87-91. Gabe puts Shandra at gunpoint and demands Nick. Alyx calls Nick and gives him the ultimatim for her. True to himself, Nick proceeds to Hulk the door down. Hali’id disarms Gabe, and she bolts with the specimen. Alyx calls for help, but the help is with the Illuminati, and they march the party to the storage/R&D wing and toward an armored van.
Luce discovers that she has the ability to make herself unnoticable to others – not invisible, just beyond notice. Nick and Hali’id, the team muscle, fight off the majority of the goons, and Shandra uses her fire to set off the sprinkler system. The effort succeeds so spectacularly that she fries the DoD’s entire surveillance system in the process. With the resulting water, Alyx pulls what is the creepiest move so far in game, and floods the attackers’ bodies, drowning them in their own lungs.

In the aftermath, Alyx takes charge and has them load the bodies into the armored van, sending a message to fake their kidnapping (their covers’ kidnapping, not their own). The team calls Crowley for Spanner-ish advice on what to do with the bodies, and he refers them to an abandoned weigh station out in the desert. En route, Alyx informs Hali’id – within earshot of Shandra – that they only need one person left alive. Hali’id rides in the back of the van with the bodies and, in proper soldier fashion, follows his orders. They are met by the Organization’s Jack of Spades, Jack Devlin. Jack disposes of the bodies and promises to get information from the one Illuminati soldier left alive. The game ends with all but Hali’id and Alyx in stunned shock, as Johnny arrives in his Roadrunner and offers them all a ride back to Bygones.


“Oh, right, you’re black!” – Niki, re: Shandra, for the umpteenth time

“Annie-Lennox-lookin’ bitch is a pain in my ass.” – Col. Ogden, re: Alyx

“Do you think WE look like we blend in?!” – Luce, to Hali’id

“I feel like I walked into a comic.”
“You did not. This is the Department of Defense.”
– Shandra and Hali’id, Captain Obvious

“We should probably leave.”
“But I just got my gun.”
– Shandra and Hali’id, Team Minority

“How many fit in the front?”
“Well, we know five dead bodies fit in the back!”
– Laurel & Niki.

Seriously: if this game were run like Whose Line Is It Anyway, Laurel and Niki would have won it, hands down.



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