Originally a textile mill owned by the Pazziola family, the Organization Headquarters was bought by Janus in 1875, and converted for use as a proper base of operations.


Located in the South End, on the banks of the Housatonic River, the building looks largely abandoned from the outside. At first, the old mill’s small storefront only advertised itself as peddling exotic rarities – furniture, fabrics, & decor – but when the antiques craze took off in the 1930s, Janus saw the business opportunity that could be reaped in having such an establishment stocked by individuals hundreds of years old. The mill is now believed to be a storage facility for a very successful antiques store in the South End.

Ground Floor

The front door opens out into a closed foyer, 8 feet square with a high ceiling, which opens out on the left side into the stairs leading up to Janus’ office. Directly facing the entrance is a large archway with a granite border. Three words – dispono, potestas, trutinae – are carved into the granite: truth, order, and balance, the three main values of the Organization. Below the arch is a massive wooden doorway, with an iron bar across it that looks as though it would take the strength of fifty men to move it. In truth, it only takes the help of Anaias, the Organization’s courier – her ant anima gives her the strength to lift the latch with ease.

The door opens out onto a large, open floor – the workfloor of the original mill was left unmodified and is used for storing the antiques sold at the Organization’s cover storefront. Artifacts and other magical objects that are meant to be protected and hidden are also stored here, in meticulously labeled crates in an iron vault specially enchanted to keep the energy of the ley lines from affecting them. The door of the loading bay at the side of the main building leads directly into the storeroom.

The 2nd Floor

New initiates are trained by their supervisors here, in a large, open space that has been encircled by SEVERAL wards and circles of protection. These circles have several different effects, but all can be controlled by the Supervisor in terms of duration and intensity. Some of the variables that can be magically controlled within the training space are the amount of ley energy allowed to be manipulated, the damage done by magical attacks, and the area of protection around certain individuals in the room. Thus, an Enforcer can train to strengthen their tolerance for drawing energy, their stamina, and their ability to recover and heal from attacks in a safe environment.

There are also guest suites for visiting members from other branches, a conference room, and a ward for recovering new initiates on the second floor.

Janus’ Office:

The tower at the South corner of the headquarters is mostly comprised of … yes … STAIRS. At the very top, where the bell tower once was, are Janus’ office and living quarters.

The stairs stop on a very small landing, with a door that opens directly into Janus’ office, which takes up the entire floor space. Janus has kept the original hardwood floors of the old mill and restored them, though they are scattered with rugs and mats from all over the world. Likewise, the left wall is covered in masks, weapons, and mirrors from all different cultures and time periods. The walls on either side of the door are lined from floor to ceiling with bookcases, and tapestries and other works of art cover the remaining walls, save for the wall behind Janus’ desk, which is bare, save for an enormous map of the world. If touched by someone with an anima, the map will light up, light spreading from the point of contact to illuminate every ley line beneath the surface of the planet. Janus’ desk, a massive oaken affair inlaid with delicate patterns of holly on the top, sits toward the back of the office, with many different pillows and bean-bag chairs piled in front of it (there are chairs in the corners for those who prefer more formal seating).

In the corner of the office, sectioned off by large tapestries, a narrow, open spiral staircase leads up into the eaves of the bell tower, half of which have been converted into a “second floor” of sorts. This is Janus’ proper living quarters, or rather, his “nest”. Most of what he needs is below in his office, but there is a small, simple and rustic kitchen, with a fireplace built into the brick of the wall, and a comfortable area filled with more pillows that serves as both an entertaining area for friends, and his sleeping space. There are also chests and boxes piled high in the corners, stacked at odd angles to one another, which contain his clothing and valuable possessions. Some of his possessions hang from hooks and racks in the rafters, as well – one look at Janus’ private sanctum makes his nomadic upbringing so many centuries ago perfectly clear.


Watershed Antiques

The small antique store is located in what was once the mill’s own shopfront. Most of the stock stored in the main building is rotated out every four months, to give variety to the pieces on display or for sale. A series of binders with a complete photographic catalog of the Organization’s vast stock is kept on hand behind the counter. The store also has a small selection of used books, and is overseen by Owen Evers.


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