Owen's Inventory

GM’s Note: All artifacts are listed in the order they were found.

The Training Cache

  • Brian The Bear: A much-loved, very old stuffed bear with black button eyes and a ribbon tied around his neck like a bow-tie. He is also missing one ear. Shandra declared that he had to be kept as the antique shop’s mascot, and Owen heartily agreed, christening him Brian. A future running gag is planned, where Brian will have injuries inflicted on him to mirror any significant damage done to Nick in the line of duty.
  • The Locket: An old brass locket on an antique chain. Upon testing at the marble table, it was discovered to have Grounding properties instilled in it through a very powerful, permanent enchantment. Upon bringing Hali’id onto the team and seeing the dangerous state of his aura, Janus took the locket into his workshop and used an alchemical permutation spell to reshape it into a set of dog tags, with his name, and a message inscribed in Persian: “Trust me, and keep this close to you. It will protect you.”
  • The Hex Spools have their own page because they are varied and nifty and have pictures, which is reason enough, don’t you think? There may also be more over time. Amelia likes making them, now, you see.
    First Appearance: 00. Pilot, which has a complete list in its Adventure Log.
    Current Holder: Assorted. Brian sits on a shelf above the cash register at the store. Hali’id is the keeper of the Locket (turned to dog tags in Ep01), and Shandra has the first five Hex Spools.
    Effects: Detailed above.

The Plaque of Bayencourt

A wooden plaque in the shape of the Bayencourt coat of arms – a shield with an archer holding a bow in one hand, and an arrow in the other. It was nailed up in the eaves of the Baldwin family barn, and held heavy protection magic that kept anyone from stealing or moving anything within the barn without the family’s permission. It was likely originally placed there to prevent against horse thieves, but when Shandra, Nick, and Howard tried to remove it per the current owner’s wishes, it brought the barn down around them. The only way to dispel the charm on the plaque was to bury it in family soil – which Hali’id did, while the others were distracted searching for the Book of Bayencourt.
First Appearance: 01. The Book of Bayencourt
Current Holder: N/A
Effects: Negated.

The Book of Bayencourt

Kept by the Bayencourt family for generations, this book is somewhat of a catch-all. It details techniques for creating magical artifacts, as well as a comprehensive list of all known items created or collected by the family. It is, to wit, a geocache of magical items, and a sort of combination Holy Grail/shopping list for anyone looking to learn more about or manipulate those items. It was kept by their descendants until the early 1930s, when it was stolen by a distant relative, part of the Montaigne family (descendants of Louisiana’s famous Dr. John). As such, it’s sought after by SEVERAL parties, not all with the same honorable intentions as the Organization.
First Appearance: 01. The Book of Bayencourt
Current Holder: Janus
Effects: None, other than being full of delicious knowledge and secrets.

The Stolen Laptop (and Hacked Data)

Taken by Hali’id from the apartment of one of his contacts, Edward, when he was found murdered in his Oxford apartment. So far, Hali’id has only been able to look at Edward’s contact file, which contains one more name than his own list: a man named Darren Hunter. Shandra unlocked the laptop for him (having found that Edward penciled his password onto the laptop), and only got a glimpse of the desktop wallpaper: a stylized white pyramid with an eye inside, on a black background. Hali’id is very protective of the laptop, keeping it in his sight and on his person at all times… but Shandra has managed to hack in and download 1/3 of the files on it, which she is in the process of decrypting.
First Appearance: 01. The Book of Bayencourt
Current Holder: Hali’id Mustafa
Effects: +1 to Shandra’s curiosity and Hali’id’s paranoia, respectively, but other than that? Nil.

The Thrift Shop Cache

  • Metal lantern (+1-2 to any circle of protection)
  • Glass decanter (Hold & close eyes to ground by 1 Balance point.)
  • Hummel figurine ( One-time use. Throw. The GM rolls 1d8 to determine its effect.)
  • Old coffee tin (Restores or preserves anything kept inside.)
  • Cigar box (Destroys anything placed inside.)
  • Mother-of-pearl cufflink (Carrying or wearing it keeps the wearer from reaching Wild on the Balance scale.)
  • Butter mold (Anything made in the mold can cure light wounds.)
  • Nine-iron golf club (+1 to STR tests, -1 to any offensive magic tests.)
  • Decorative Newfoundland flag (Light grounding/minor mood uplift when draped over the shoulders.)
  • Silver letter opener & fountain pen (Mental walkie-talkies, effectively. Neat.)
  • Black-and-white bouncy ball (Effect unknown, but proven to have power.)
  • Spoon bracelet (+2 to CHA)
  • Colorful, garish felt hat (Effect unknown, but proven to have power.)
    First Appearance: 02-5. The New Haven Errand
    Current Holder: The Archives

Owen's Inventory

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